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Noel Fisher interview with STATUS Magazine
Shelling Out by Pola Beronilla | Photographed by The Riker Brothers

Canadian actor NOEL FISHER has been a constant shapeshifter in out TV boxes and movie screens. Playing the care-free, pizza-loving Michelangelo in the latest adaption of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, he sets aside his beloved nunchucks, takes off his orange mask, and steps out of his shell to show us who he truly is.

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I tend to gravitate towards things that I find brave or unique. I try to find roles that I really connect to and that usually means there is something in the writing that just clicks for me, Mickey is a good example of that.
Noel Fisher on STATUS Magazine

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For some reason, the way he’s written feels kind of natural for me to slip into his skin. He jumps off the page as a fully-formed person to me. It’s the first time that I’ve been able to clearly see a character I am playing having a direct impact on people who are watching. The credit really does go to the writers because they created an arc for Mickey that is just so sick- the good kind- and I am really thankful I get to help with telling that story.
Noel Fisher on STATUS Magazine

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Get to know Noel Fisher (insp)

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Noel Fisher | 88

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Rising stars from north of the border discuss making their mark at home and in Hollywood (and how they did it before reaching the ripe old age of 35). Both in front of and behind the camera, these 15 Canadian up-and-comers have drawn audiences and industry admirers as they help their home country navigate a fast-changing global entertainment business. You’ll find profiles on the country’s proudest 35-and-under industry professionals and talent below, including the credits and achievements likely to make them Canada’s future entertainment leaders. [The Hollywood Reporter]
NOEL FISHER, 30 (actor)
Fisher earned attention as Vladimir in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 and currently can be seen as Michelangelo in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
BIG BREAK: Huff, a Showtime series. That started to really open up doors in L.A.
BIGGEST 2014 ACCOMPLISHMENT: I’m going to finish my very first script this year. Writing is a new venture for me and has been one of the hardest and most fulfilling things I’ve ever done. I love it.
I WAKE UP AT: 9 if I’m not working. If I am, 5 or 6.
THE FIRST THING I DO IN THE MORNING IS: Get caffeinated and meditate. One unhealthy choice followed directly by a healthy one.

"A small Celtic orphan raised in the deep untouched tropical jungle of Vancouver by a pack of bilingual raccoons.” - Noel Fisher on himself

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